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Pacific Coast High School offers a variety of programs based on both college prep and non-college prep curricula. 

Academic Support – All teachers are available by phone, email, and on-campus appointment to help with your questions.


Course Descriptions – Please click here for detailed course descriptions

web_globe Indicates an On-Line course

paperpencilIndicates an On-Campus Course

paperpencilArt Exploration Fall
paperpencilArt Elective Fall
paperpencilComp. Lit. Fall & Spring
web_globeComputer Skills Fall: Qtr 1 & 2
Spring: Qtr 3 & 4
web_globeConcepts of Psychology Fall: Qtr 2
Spring: Qtr 4
paperpencilDrama Fall & Spring
web_globeFine Arts Survey Fall and Spring Course
web_globeHealth Fall: Qtr. 1 & 2
Spring: Qtr. 3 & 4
web_globeHumanities Fall: Qtr 1
Spring Qtr: 3
web_globeMusic Appreciation Fall & Spring
web_globePE 1, 2, 3,4 Fall and Spring
PE 1 & 2 pre-req. for PE 3. New students take PE 1
paperpencilLeadership Project Fall & Spring
paperpencilSpeech Spring
paperpencilStudy Skills Fall: Qtr 1
Spring: Qtr 3
(see syllabus for dates)
paperpencilTheatre Arts 1 Fall & Spring
paperpencilTheatre Arts 2 Fall & Spring
paperpencilYearbook Fall & Spring (application required)
web_globeForeign Language Fall and Spring–23 Rosetta Stone languages offered online
paperpencilSpanish 1A Fall
paperpencilSpanish 1B Spring
paperpencilSpanish 2A Fall
paperpencilSpanish 2B Spring
paperpencilSpanish 3A Fall
paperpencilSpanish 3B Spring
paperpencilCAHSEE English Support Fall & Spring
web_globeEnglish 9-12 Online English courses
paperpencilEnglish 9 Support Fall & Spring
paperpencilEnglish 10 Seminar Fall & Spring
paperpencilEnglish 11 Seminar Fall & Spring
paperpencilEnglish 12 Support Fall & Spring
web_globeALEKS Online Math Fall and Spring: Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus
Textbook Math Fall and Spring: Algebra through Calculus
Math Support Fall & SPring
CAHSEE Math Support Support for the CAHSEE math test.
Alg. 1 Fundamentals A/B See “Math Support” above
Alg. 1 Sem 1 of 4, 2 of 4 See “Math Support” above
Alg. 1 Sem 3 of 4, 4 of 4 See “Math Support” above
Alg. 1A/1Yr See “Math Support” above
Alg. 1B/1Yr See “Math Support” above
Alg. 2A, 2B See “Math Support” above
Geometry See “Math Support” above
Trigonometry See “Math Support” above
Pre-Calc. See “Math Support” above
ROP classes are great electives! For more information, contact Nancy McKeegan,
web_globeBiology Spring only (required labs)
web_globeEarth Science Fall only; see also required labs below
web_globeIntro. to Chemistry Spring only: Meets 5 credit physical science requirement
web_globeIntro. to Physics Spring only: Meets 5 credit physical science requirement
web_globeMarine Biology Fall only: Meets 5 credit life science requirement
paperpencilScience Support Fall & Spring
web_globeEconomics Fall and Spring (Senior class only)
web_globeGovernment Fall: early grads only
Spring: Senior class only
web_globeUS History Spring only
web_globeWorld History Spring only
PSAT 10th and 11th grades only Wednesday Oct. 19, 11:30 am-3:00 pm