2024-25 Fall/Spring Application Instructions

  • Read the Online Orientation
  • Read the Minimal Acceptance Considerations for PCHS
  • Fall 2024 Students – Print, complete, and submit a Fall 2024 application, along with an unofficial transcript of all grades and credits received, including grades and classes in progress for the current semester.
  • Spring 2025 Students – Print, complete, and submit a Spring 2025 application (coming soonish), along with an unofficial transcript of all grades and credits received, including grades and classes in progress for the current semester.

July-August Enrollment 2024

Please follow the instructions for enrollment located on our July-August Enrollment 2024 page.

Mission Statement

As an exemplary public school option for family-based education, our mission is to graduate self-directed confident learners who are responsible contributors within their communities. We accomplish this through a partnership with students, parents, and school staff in a positive and safe environment where learning occurs in a unique, individualized, and relevant manner.

Schoolwide Expected Learner Focus

Active Learning
Following Directions
Problem Solving/Thinking Skills
Study/Research Skills
Time Management


Pacific Coast High School offers a variety of programs based on both college prep and non-college prep curricula.

PCHS Requirements & Expectations

Each student is required to take a minimum of 20 units with Pacific Coast High School. Students may also choose to take community college classes, ROP classes, or private classes that may count toward graduation.

Students are expected to use good judgement, behave appropriately, and dress conservatively. No cell phone usage is permitted in class. We ask that students not loiter after class. Parents are requested to pick up students immediately after their last class.

Faculty Advisors

A faculty advisor is assigned to every student. The faculty advisor helps with all the big questions about high school and Pacific Coast High School. They also help with transcript evaluation, class selection, developing alternative classes, suggestions for courses, and any questions you may have about your student’s college, work, and/or professional goals.

Course Teachers

When there are specific questions about a course they are answered by the teacher of the course in which a student is enrolled. Advanced notice concerning any absences or emergency arrangements are directed in the same manner. For a list of email addresses and phone numbers, click here.


A syllabus is issued for every class, and it details all the components necessary for success in the class. Each syllabus includes the name and telephone number of the instructor, course descriptions, assignment descriptions, due dates, and test dates. The syllabus states expectations for each assignment from quality of work to parent comments and signatures.

Classes & Support Times

Support times are linked to core classes each semester. It is important for students to attend and stay informed. Specific days and times for each support class can be found in the semester class schedule.

Online Classes

Most PCHS courses are offered online. These courses feature a syllabus, links to specific articles or sites, interactive testing with immediate feedback, and online grade books for both students and parents to monitor student grades and progress. These are excellent college preparation courses.