Pacific Coast High School Online Orientation–Welcome!

Pacific Coast High School is a WASC accredited, college preparatory, alternative public high school. Many of our courses are UC approved. Our program requires a high degree of online participation. We are part of the Orange County Department of Education, and have received the California Exemplary Independent Study Program Award.

Pacific Coast High School is a unique mix of program components.

1. We are an Independent Study program – students earn attendance credit based on the assignments they complete and submit. Per Independent Study law and prior to enrollment, the student, the parent, and the school must agree that PCHS placement is in the best interest of the student.

2. We are a Home-Based Education program – courses and assignments are created and evaluated by PCHS teachers. Students complete assignments at home, with parental assistance and support. This differs from traditional home schooling, in which the parent determines subject content, educational materials, learning activities, and grading criteria.

3. We provide a Campus Setting – on-campus electives, support, labs, a yearbook, and a prom.

Pacific Coast High School is a college format high school.

Courses: Most of our courses are designed to be completed in a semester. For example, instead of taking six courses for 30 credits each semester, students generally take three or four courses for 30 credits.

Course Syllabus: Every course has a syllabus. The syllabus contains instructor information (name, phone number, email address) as well as assignments, due dates, and grading criteria. It is the students’ responsibility to read each course syllabus carefully and to follow all assignment directions.

Faculty Advisor: Each student is assigned a PCHS Faculty Advisor. The Faculty Advisor helps students with academic planning, course selection, and general program questions.

All the world is a stage, and we all have our roles.

The Role of the Teacher

1. PCHS teachers design online and offline courses that are based on the California State Standards and that meet California graduation requirements. PCHS teachers are responsible for the evaluation of student performance.

2. PCHS teachers prepare students by emphasizing essential skills – working independently, following directions, attending to details, and managing time.

3. PCHS teachers design program options to accommodate individual learning styles. Our options include:

  • PCHS designed college preparatory courses, both online and offline
  • At-home and on-campus participation
  • Alternative courses designed by parents and based on the California State Standards. These courses are offered on a credit/no credit basis only
  • Early graduation (speak to your Faculty Advisor)

The Role of the Parent

  1. Parents assist students by helping with assignments, syllabus interpretation, due dates, time management, and work quality as needed.
  2. Parents support PCHS goals, rules, and regulations.
  3. Parents monitor student progress on a regular basis. (See Progress Reports below.)

The Role of the Student

  1. Students read each course syllabus thoroughly.
  2. Students follow all syllabus and assignment directions.
  3. Students complete and submit assignments on time.
  4. Students take personal responsibility for their academic performance.

Progress Reports

Assignment scores are available online for parents and students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the parent and student responsibility to check student scores frequently. This encourages questions to be handled in a timely manner and increases awareness of student performance.

PCHS Curriculum

PCHS courses are WASC accredited, standards based, and research driven. Course design encourages active student learning, higher-level thinking skills, and improved research proficiency. PCHS online courses promote participation and a sense of community through discussion boards, email, and frequent contact with instructors and other students. Busy work and read-the-chapter-answer-the-question type of assignments are eliminated.

Next Steps

Mail, fax, or hand deliver the following documents to the address/fax number on the Application for Admission:

  1. Completed Fall/Spring Application
  2. A copy of the student’s transcript and current semester classes, grades, and credits in progress. Note: Incoming 9th grade students may submit copies of their 8th grade report cards, including current semester classes and grades, in lieu of a transcript.
  3. A copy of student’s most recent CAASP test results.
  4. For CHEP families only–CHEP Teacher Questionnaire (Please give this form to your CHEP teacher to complete. Your CHEP teacher will complete and fax the form to PCHS.) Upon receipt of all the documents listed above, you will be contacted regarding the next step in the pre-registration process.

Applications and all other documents will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. Please fax or mail all supplemental documents along with the application. Applications cannot be reviewed without transcripts, grades, and standardized test results.

Please Note: Once your application is reviewed and if it is accepted, you will need to obtain a signed CHEP/PCHS Referral Form from your school district of attendance.

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact Karen Tapia, 714.245.6502,

Adobe Acrobat Reader, a safe, easy, and free download is needed to view or print all forms. To download Adobe Acrobat, click here.